Friday, April 1, 2011

Inglot Haul and Palettes


Little Vent
I ordered on Inglot last Saturday night.  I read on their web site that when you pay for the 2nd day shipping that they will process the same day.  I paid the extra $17 bucks.  Well that meant on Monday, so... They didn't send it out till Tuesday after 6.  So Fed Ex got it to me on Thursday. Fed Ex did good but not so much with Inglot.  They also forgot a few things in my order and it happens, especially with all these numbers and what not.  So when I called their customer service, they seemed to not have known what a blush was, I gave him my order number and he put my on hold for about 5 minutes, then I was hung up on.  So I called back and he said they are send it out same day.  I actually got the missing items the next day.  I think they can work on their people skills a little bit better, but I love the products!

Golds, Highlights, Brown  (*I bought a repeat of 407, so I will be having a giveaway soon :))

Blues, Highlights, Darks

Grays, Purple, Pinks, Reds

Yellows, Greens, Turquoise


Kinda looks like Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure?