Monday, March 28, 2011

5 Years!!!! (Pic Heavy)

Just wanted to make a little post because last Saturday March 26t 2011, was my boyfriends and mine... 5 year anniversary! We have lived together now for 3 and a half years and love every minute of it. I never knew what it meant to be one half of a whole. I love him more and more ever day and I am excited for another 5 years together with him! I love you Joe! Oh he does Action If anyone ever wants a custom action figure done he is your man!

Izzi!  Our Tiny Poodle Little Shizzle Bear!  She is now 3 years old and we love her tons!

Skippy! We adopted him when he was 11 and have had him for two years now!  He is such a big man!  Look at all his red hair!  He looks amazing in the fall time with his beautiful fur!

Izzi want to play!

This is Bruce Banner (aka The Hulk) he passed away before Christmas time though :(

Comic Strip  hahaa!

Crown Brushes

I Love these brushes!  I was first introduced to them when the Coastal Sense craze was going on.  I bought quit a few...and swapped  more then I kept...  Now that I am aware of the brushes I like to use I was able to buy the brushes I know that would work for me.  I prefer to buy them now from Crown Brush since they have....over a hundred (many more I am sure) brushes to choose from.  Anyway here are a few of my favorite brushes from their site

1. C412 - Deluxe Pointed Crease
2. C420 - Angle Shader
3. C148 - Mini Contour
4. IB112 - Badger Angel Brow
5. C4411 - Pointed Blender
6. C409 - Angel Definer
7. SS012 - Deluxe Crease
8. IB119 - Deluxe Crease 
9. SS006 - Deluxe Angle Liner
10. IB113 - Taklon Angle Liner
11. IB118 - Pro Spoolie
12. BK15 - Large Chisel Fluff
13. BK17 - Badger Round Angle Stippler
14. SS014 - Delixe Flat Bronzer
15. SS015 - Deluxe Tapered Powder


1. I bought this originally from CS and did't use it that often.  But more recently I have been gabbing for it a bit more for lightly blending out my outter V.
2. I like this a lot for blending out harsh lines all around my eye.  Above and below.
3.  I like to use this for a few things.  Inner corner, apply glitter on the lower lash line and setting shadow ontop of colored liner....(I do a lot of colored liner)
4. This brush shed quit a bit when I first played with it.  Now I use it for lower lash line application.
5.  Wow this is one of my favoirites....if not My favorite.  It's still but incredably soft.  It's easy to add in soft colors, blend out lines, inner corner application, and normal soft shadow application.
6.  I liked this from the begining.  Great for applying cake liner and setting your water line with shadow.
7.  I like this because for blending out wet or moist bases like MUFE Flash Palette colors.
8.  Just a nice blender blend colors together or fade them out.
9.  I use this for thick liner....cake liner. 
10.  I like to use this more then the Sigma 208 for my brows!
11.  Brows!
12.  I use this one as a brow highlight
13.  Brow Highlight also.
14.  Pressed Powder to buff into my skin.  Super Soft!
15.  I use this to put on my MUFE HD Powder.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Neon Peacock

This is a result of the amazingness of Inglot!!!

Products Used:

Stila Cobalt Clutch
Inglot 428
toki doki Killer Candy
Inglot 59
Inglot 16
toki doki Mattita Delineatore
Stila Singray
Sugarpill Tako
Stila Liquid Liner
Red Cherry Lashes 46

Mac MSF Pink Powder
Stila Sarah

Nars Sheer Glow
Nars Powder Flesh
Mac Studio Moisture Blend

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Starting the Madness!


I thought these would be really good.....didn't think they would me AMAZING!!!   So soft so blendable!

Amc Shine 29, D.S. 467, Matte 352, Pearl 393, Pearl 467,
AMC Shine 46, D.S. 463, AMC Shine 07, AMC Shine 10, AMC Shine 15

D.S. 498, Pearl 428, D.S. 478, 59, AMC Shine 16,
Matte 361, Matte 366, D.S.495, 56, D.S.500

I swatched this on my hand...Took a shower and it was still as bright as could be!

AMC Eyeliner Gel 81

Love Oranges right now!
Pure Pigment 79

Lip Stick Cream
.....this was not the best of rest...very sheer and looks like a duo chrome looking color....
I may try other lipsticks in the future but I am going to focus on eye products!
Pearl 407

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello Kitty Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Swatches

I went to Sephora the other day just to check out the new Hello Kitty Nail Polishes ($10.00  a piece) .....I bought two of them Banana Cream and Pink Sprinkles.  I saw these eyeliners and I wanted to test them out.  They are soooo creamy and easy to apply.  I love to use them as a base...very bendable and the kit is only $28.00 bucks!  Not bad for $4.70 a piece.

- Goodnight Dreams: Black
- Grape Juice: Purple (Super pretty!)
- Chocolate Milk: Brown
- Happy Cloud: White
- Blueberry: Navy
- Bicycle: Teal Green
 -Blue Sky: Bright Light Blue (My Favorite!!)

-You also get a little tin

Oh and here are some Hello Kitty Nails with Banana Cream and Pink Sprinkles on top!  Yum!