Saturday, March 2, 2013

Entry Closet to Mini Mudroom!

We were not a huge fan of all the closets and doors in the house had the same doors.  We are going to one by one shut them out!  Mmhmmm pun totally inserted there!  So the idea of having a nice little mudroom always seemed to be on my 'must haves list.'  I feel like when I get home from work it's a tornado of coats, smocks, shoes, bags I wanted to make sure they went sailing into something nice that can hide away!  Unfortunately this house did not have a mudroom but it did have a nice entry closet.  I want around looking for some nice mudroom pictures and found a few we liked and Joe and I had an Idea of what we wanted.  Here is the closet before...

It's very plain and we know we were going to take the doors off.  We didn't know if we were going to add wainscoting for a new texture, or if we would pull the shelf down.  It also had a small dip in the wall (you can see it in the picture below, we figured since we are new to the DIY world if we want to do the wainscoting we can do that a little later down the road.

Here is a little mock up design in Microsoft Paint of what I wanted it to look like.

So we got to work one Saturday.  It took us about 5 hours of work including building the bench.  Here was our To Do list.
  •  Take out Bar, Shelf’s, Boards
  • Sand and Spackle 2X
  • Paint Benjamin Moores Moonshine
  • Paint Trim and Ceiling
  • Replace Light
  • Add Coat Rack
  • Add Art
  • Shelf for coats
  • Bench
  • Pillows

Here is a bit of the process....we didn't take as many pictures as we though we would but I am sure from looking at the To Do list you know what we did.

After all the sanding an is the result!

Here a list of everything we used, bought and the price!

  • Paint is Moonshine (Already had)
  • Trim Olympus High Gloss (Already had)
  • Bench - Target $219.00 ($30 coupon)
  • Hangers - Bed Bath and Beyond $25 (20% off)
  • Shelf - (from another closet in the house)
  •  Pillows – Marshals $10, $20 ($15 off Coupon)
  •  Art- Urban Outfitters  (Already Had) 
  • Coat Hanger – Lowes (from before we bought the house)

Total $222.75

Yey!  Our first big project!