Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sephora and Mac Haul!

I went to the mall today with my Boyfriend and got a few things from the cosmetic stores!

     *Mineralize Skin Finish Stereo Rose (there was alread a solf out sticker and it just came out!  My MA Tamara said that they only had 6 in stock to begin with.)
       *Mineralize Eye Shadow Soften the Mood (the color pay off on these trios are amazing!)
       *Mineralize Eye Shadow Together-Ness
       *Brushes 239 and 272 (I get really lazy with cleaning so I need doubles!)

        *Kat Von D Palette Beethoven
        *Kat Von D Liquid Liner Call Girl (50% off)
        *Kat Von D Liquid Liner Eyegasm (50% off)
        *Sepora Nano Liner Azur Blue
        *Sephora Nano Liner Wild Spirit
        *Sephora Jumbo Eye Liner White
        *Dior All-in-One Artistry Palette Smoky Design

Mac Stereo Rose

Dior Smoky Design

I also ran to Lush and bought Fresh Pharmacy and Grass Shower gel!  yummy!  Also so a super tall guy make out with his tiny girl friend while I was in there...who does that?  lol!

Monday, July 5, 2010

OPI Nails!

 I have been falling in love with nails polish!  Now I am a bit behind but I'm trying to catch up on all you lovely ladies and gents!  So Enjoy some OPI Collections!

OPI Brights Collection
** I used these colors on my toes!  I used all buy the Red to have a little rainbow bright to my toes!  But I don't show off my feet so you will just have to use your imagination hahaa
That's Hot! Pink (Hot Pink)
Need Sunglasses? (Yellow)
Mod-ern Girl (orange
Green-wich Village (green)
Teal the Cows Come Home (Frost Blue)
Purple with a Purpose (Frosted Purple)

Shrek Collection!

Funky Dunkey (Purplr)
 Whats with the Cattitude (Light Blue)
Rumples Wiggin (Light Purple
 Who the Shrek are you (Yellow/ Green)
Ogre-the-Top Blue, (Royal Blue)
Fiercely Fiona Please (Pale Yellow/ Green