Monday, March 28, 2011

5 Years!!!! (Pic Heavy)

Just wanted to make a little post because last Saturday March 26t 2011, was my boyfriends and mine... 5 year anniversary! We have lived together now for 3 and a half years and love every minute of it. I never knew what it meant to be one half of a whole. I love him more and more ever day and I am excited for another 5 years together with him! I love you Joe! Oh he does Action If anyone ever wants a custom action figure done he is your man!

Izzi!  Our Tiny Poodle Little Shizzle Bear!  She is now 3 years old and we love her tons!

Skippy! We adopted him when he was 11 and have had him for two years now!  He is such a big man!  Look at all his red hair!  He looks amazing in the fall time with his beautiful fur!

Izzi want to play!

This is Bruce Banner (aka The Hulk) he passed away before Christmas time though :(

Comic Strip  hahaa!

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