Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Sigma Brushes

The new Sigma Brushes were released last Monday Feb. 22, I was in the market to upgrade on brushes a few weekends before the release and I was going to buy all mac but the spring collation came out and brushes were forgotten. I did kick myself for passing up the opportunity to grab some new brushes when I had some money. So a week or so rolled buy and I got an e-mail from Sigma saying that they have a new line of brushes coming out! What Luck! I had bought the previous full pack of brushes from them and I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with what I bought.

The set is $149.99. With that you get 15 brushes, the brush roll/ holder, and I also got a freebie travel size brush.

The Freedie!

Face Brushes

SS134 Large paddle powder brush. I really like this brush for setting my Make up for ever Hd Powder. I wish the handle was longer but if it was it would be too thick. I give this brush a 7/10

SS 138 Tapered Fluff brush. This is a great brush for contouring your face. It is not as dense as a MAC 138 but that is one of macs most expensive brushes. I like this brush for its quality and price. 6/10

SS 131 Duo Fiber Powder Brush. I personally don't use the stippling brushes too much so I feel I would use this more for blush, but I don't feel I should rate it because it's not a brush I use too often. N/A

SS129 Medium Blush Brush. LOVE! This is my favorite blush brush ever. It evenly coats blush on the apples of my cheeks and doesn't leave any harsh lines. 10/10

SS 165 Tapered Highlight Brush. Another brush I really love, I always use a highlight color on my cheeks to give me a glow. This is perfect, it gives a soft look with out it being over powered. 10/10

SS 192 Large Synthetic concealer brush. I was very very surprised at how much I loved this brush. It has a dense synthetic feel I though wouldn't work for my skin but it really helps me blend out concealer and cream blush! 7/10

SS 195 Small Synthetic Concealer Brush. I like this brush to use it for precise application to my blemishes and any other redness. 8/10

Eye Brushes

SS 227 Large Highlighting Brush. I was again surprised by a brush, the bristles are longer on this brush then the mac 227, but they are so soft! I like to use it for contouring my eye a little bit and blending out harsh lines. 6/10

SS 217 Oval Shaped Blending Brush. I like this brush a lot! I like to use it for my my cream bases, like paint pots or cream shadows. It evenly coats the lid with out over doing it, and making it crease. 8/10

SS 222 Tapered Blending Brush. This is a very nice dense blending brush! I like this a lot to lightly blend out harsh lines. 8/10

SS 226 Small Tapered Blending Brush. I love this brush tons! I have hooded eyes and this brush works wonders for socket application. 10/10

SS 212 Flat Definer Brush. I like to use this brush for applying foiled shadows. With the corners I can be a bit more Persis in application! 7/10

SS 214 Short Shader Brush. Another brush I was surprised with. I though it was going to be scratchy and rough but they were soft and easy to apply shadpws to my lower lash line. 09/10

SS 210 Small Eye Liner Brush. My new favorite brush for eye liner. With its small pointed tapped bristles it is easy to apply right were you need it to go! 10/10

SS 316 Lip Brush. It's a great brush for what it does. i don't wear lipstick to often so I don't feel I am able to rate this one. It's a great dense brush though. N/A

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  1. dangit, I was already lemming these, but don't know if I can spend the $$. I will wait and see if they make a smaller set I think.