Sunday, August 22, 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

I just had the biggest lemming for these things and HAD to get them!  Especially when the new colors came out!

Lip Tars

Everyone already knows about these and I will tell you no different.  You don't need much product to fill out your lips.  When I apply I use a brush and I squeeze the lip tar a little so it bubbles a bit and then I just swipe whatever is on there.   They also apply matte.  I personal like it because I can always throw a gloss on top.  Problem fixed!   I bought Cha Cha, Divine, NSFW and Memento.

  * Cheap $12.50 not bad for how little you use.
  * Mixing Colors!  I always mix Cha Cha and Divine.  My new favorite lip color!
  * The Menthol or peppermint in it seems to help my chapped lips!

*hmm....I'll try and think of one!

Loose Shadows

I only bought one loose shadow because I saw Xsparkage's swatches and fell in love with Wasabi!  They actually forgot to ship it to me with my order and I figured they must have been confused because I had gotten two things in Wasabi so it was not big I just called to let them know what had happened and I didn't get a machine...I got an actual person!  So that was a BIG plus!  It's always refreshing to converse with a person and not a machine.  They sent it out asap for me! 

  * Cheap!  10 bucks!  That's unreal!  Tons of Product!
  *  Easy packaging, Convenient to see color and brand.
  *  Very pretty and opaque

  *  I only have a con for the web-site and that is I didn't like how they had the same picture of loose shadow duplicated over and over again then colored in with a color.  I just prefer to see the color itself.  BUT  Wasabi did stay true to the color on the website and the one that I received.

  Nail Polish

I only got one of their Polishes and I got yet again the Wasabi color!  I though it kinda looked like my OPI Who the Shrek are You and I put them together and the OCC looked a bit more lip compared to the OPI.  So I tried them out.  I like the way OCC's brush was, it was stiff and I felt like I had more control with it.  The OPI actually looked a bit watery! 

This was only one coat apiece. Wasabi is on the Left and Who the Shrek are You?  is on the right.  You can clearly see in the picture the consistency of the OPI is not as thick as the OCC.  I find that a plus because now it will last much longer!

 *  Opaque!
 *  Will last you a good while!

 *  I really like this polish so no cons. 

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