Sunday, February 20, 2011

OCC Lip Tars

These babies are worth your 13 bucks!  If you watch myvideos you have seen me use these quite a bit!  My favorite is the Divine Lip Tar and the Cha Cha Lip Tar Mixed together!
These colors get me so excited haha!  The Anime and Hoochie are insane but I Loove them!
These come out a little drying sometimes but if you get the gloss it can definently help.  My lips do tend to bleed or feather a bit as you can see in the pictures but if you get an anit feather pencil it will help.  I have the Too Faced Borderland Pencil and it works great! 

This is Divine and ChaCha Mixed together!  This is from my Green Tinsil Tutorial!

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