Monday, July 25, 2011

Inglot Cosmetics Rainbow Eye Shadows

Inglot Rainbow!!!

How cute are these!  I ended up ordering these the day the came out by accident!  I was just doing a little shopping around and saw these little babies at $7 a shadow.  For three colors per pan it's not a bad deal!  Most of the shadows have an extreme amount of powder residue while loading up your brush.  Maybe that's a key of high opacity!  The shadows are mostly all matte with a bit of  shimmer in some of them.  The texture is very soft and velvety.   I will invest in more on my next order.  I love the royal blue color!

Mix of all three colors

I bought the (2) of the ten pan palettes but Inglot forgot to pack it up!  It's ok they are sending one out for me asap!  Also the good thing abou t Inglot is you can talk to a real person right away!  Below was a little haul of the day Z Palette, Stila liner and Inglot!  I will do some more swatching and reviews on the other things that I bought!